"The Other Israel" by Ted Pike in 1987

Why The Mid-East Bleeds" by Rev. Ted & Allyn Pike

And it came to pass, when their Judge was dead, that
they returned, and corrupted themselves more than their
fathers, in following other gods to serve them, and to
bow down unto them; they ceased not from their own
doings, nor from their stubborn way. And the anger of
Lord JoShUaH was hot against Israel; and He said,
"Because that this people hath transgressed My
Covenant which I commanded their fathers, and have
not hearkened unto My Voice; I also will not henceforth
drive out any from before them of the nations which
Joshua left when he died: That through them I may test
whether Israel will observe the Course of their God
YaHShWeH, to walk therein, as their fathers did observe
it, or not."

- Judges 2: 19-22

For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen: because
their tongue and their doings are against Lord JoShUaH,
to provoke the Sanctification of His Glory.

- Isaiah 3: 8

But unto the wicked God YaHShWeH saith, "What hast
thou to do in declaring My Statutes, or that thou
shouldest take My Covenant in thy mouth? Seeing thou
hatest Prophesy, and castest My Torah behind thee."

- Psalms 50: 16-17

Behold, the day's come, saith JoShUaH the Lord, that I
will make a Revised Covenant with the house of Israel,
and with the house of Judah: Not like My Covenant that I
made with their fathers, in the day that I took them by the
hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which
Covenant they brake, although I was bound unto it,
the Lord JoShUaH.

- Jeremiah 31: 31-32

And ye shall know that I am God when I have wrought
with you for My Name's sake, not according to your
wicked ways, nor according to your corrupt doings, O ye
house of Israel,
saith Lord JoShUaH.

- Ezekiel 20: 44

And to the Angel of the Church... These things saith He
that is Holy, He that is True, He that hath the Key of
David, He that openeth, and no man shutteth; and
shutteth, and no man openeth; I know thy works:
behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man
can shut it: for thou hast... kept My Testaments, and hast
not denied My Name,
JoshUaH... I will make them of the
Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are
not, but do lie!
Behold, I will make them to come and
worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved
thee. Because thou hast kept the Oath of My Peace, I
also will keep thee from the Hour of Temptation, which
shall come upon all the World, to try them that dwell
upon the Earth. Behold... Him that overcometh will I grant
a  permanent Seat in the Temple of
YaHShWeH, My God.
And I will ennoble upon him a title from My God
YaHShWeH, and an estate in the City of God YaHShWeH,
which is New Jerusalem, that'll decend out of My God
YaHShWeH's Heaven: and I will honor him as My New
Regent. He that hath an ear, let him hear what My
Spirit saith unto the Churches.

- Revelation 3: 7-13

"Age Of Deceit; Fallen Angels & the New World Order"

"GoD YaHShWeH's CaBaLaH
or  "The Judeo-
Christian Dilemma ReSolved"

Isn't it obvious, People(s); there's only 2 Supreme
Gods/Governments: The God of Heaven/Life/"All-
The-MultiVerse" = Jesus/YeShUaH and The God
of Earth/Death/this-Universe = Lucifer! Therefore
knowingly/voluntarily or not, all of us do/must
serve either one or the other! Also those whom
continually serve both will inevitably be branded
a traitor... So there will remain no neutral/middle
ground! Not so! Now, the innate and non-
Christians have a somewhat valid excuse to fall
for all the Hype... However, I thought it was a
settled fundamental/issue, among all Christian
Denominations/Orders, that there's neither a
"Back Door" nor a "Safe Passage" to the Original
Dimension/Garden of Eden or to the Original
Tree/Gate of Life/Heaven therein; except by
God/Messiah YaHShWeH's/JoShUaH's
blood and/or a "Valid Invite/Pass(Words)" with at
least one of Their "Authentic/Most-Holy Angelic
Escorts"! Thus, it amazes me how so many
Christians and so-called Christian Magicians can
be so naive/gullible in this! Well, first let it be
said that even though demons of political
censorship/secrecy do cloud things up, the
biggest threat to all Holy Christian Congregations
/Orders is from our own uninspired priests,
scribes, independent contractors and
institutions/organizations; which we blindly trust
to publish/translate our so-called "Most Holy
Writ"! It's truly as the Messiah said, in Matthew
23: 13
"But woe unto you, Scribes (Jesuits) and
Pharisees (Talmudists), hypocrites! For ye
hide/lock up the Empire of Heaven from people:
and ye neither go in yourselves, neither tolerate
ye those that are underway to enter"
Their excuse is that as members of
Aristocratic/Secret/Mystery Societies/Schools
they swore on their lives to keep secret their
Order's/Societies'/Schools' teachings/ways: Thus
hiding behind their "Blood Oaths", they're only
allowed to publish/reveal flawed/indirect
mysteries/principles/teachings to the public, in
order to cover their sinful/tyrannical lives. Yet,
are Elite/Secret Societies the only ones who
can know/teach the whole/correct truths? I'm
afraid to say that many have compromised the
mystic elements of Christianity, by putting it in
the closet, playing politics or going secret
/underground, out of fear of reprisal or from
clan/government/institutional censorship
/retaliation! Further, has everyone forgotten that
precision is lost when a story is either rewritten
by students or passed on by word-of-mouth from
person to person (even in the same language)
especially over hundreds/thousands of years?
Accuracy is also sacrificed in translating books
from one language to another especially when
one dialect/language is no longer in present use.
And when the subject matter is mysterious
/secret/unknown to the scribes/translators,
there's "way-more" than enough room for error
(s). Some contemporary translators of the Holy
Bible(s) attempt to recover and use the oldest
text as the most reliable; but strangely no
original copies exist in circulation (Did the same
Evil that killed the ancient Holy Prophet(ess)
authors also take their authentic teachings
/writings off the market?) nor were any used in
compiling our present day Holy Writ, which many
Traditional Christian Congregations hold as
indisputable! Those major factors alone create
problems. With regard to the Old Testament, in
1088ad Jewish scholars called the Masoretes
assumed the task of copying and transmitting
the standard printed "Hebrew/Tanak Bible" in
use today, though older manuscripts of
individual books still exist. For instance
numerous complete manuscripts, many from the
pre-Christian era, have been recovered from the
Dead Sea region since 1947 called the Dead Sea
Scrolls (The majority of which still have not
found their way into public circulation except for
a few fragments! Wonder why?). To further
complicate matters the pioneer Hebrew
language of the Holy Bible(s) had no vowels and
no punctuation. Modern translators had to guess
(still more errors) where one sentence stops and
the other began. The major Greek translation of
the Hebrew/New-Testament Bible is called the
Septuagint. And other versions include the
Peshitta, or Syriac; the Old Latin; the Vulgate;
and the Aramaic Targums, which were not literal
translations but rather paraphrases or political
censores/compromises of the Original. Let's not
overlook crooked/misleading Angels/Priests
either! Is the curse by our Messiah JoShUaH in
Revelation 22: 18-19 (
"For I testify unto every
man that heareth the words of the prophecy of
this book, If any man shall add unto these things,
GodFather YHShWH shall add unto him the
plagues that are written in this book: And if any
man shall take away from the words of the book
of this prophecy, GodFather YHShWH shall take
away his part out of the Book of Life, and out of
the Holy City, and from the things which are
written in this book."
) uncalled for? Or is
everyone, except Fallen Angels and their
delusional lackeys, so afraid that none have
dared even to attempt any true corrections or
revisions of the altered versions from our Holy
Bibles' orthodox Pharisees/Scribes Knowledge-
Mongers? It's no wonder why then, Christianity
has become weak and riddled with so many
denominations! That's why Lord JoShUaH, even
in these generations, infuses His Spirit into we
loyal Saints and/or Prophets(esses); to fill in the
blanks and restore the ancient unity! So hearken
O' Shepherds of Israel! This is a Revealing
discourse on the major facets of the  Most Holy
Cabalah. Let me inform you there's dozens of
spellings for Cabalah; the most common being
Cabala, Cabalah, Cabbala, Cabbalah (Many use
"C", as the 1st-letter, to label/mark Christian
Orders), Qabala, Qabalah, Qabbala, Qabbalah
(The letter "Q" is also used to label/mark
Egyptian/Hermetic Schools), Kabala, Kabalah,
Kabbala and Kabbalah ("K" as the 1st-letter is
sometimes used to label/mark Jewish/Judaic
Sects). This confusion is often seen when
translating Hebrew words into English, since
there are several different methods of Alphabetic
Transliteration into our English/Roman Alphabet.
For example, the popular Anglicized spelling of
Koran is often used instead its more
exact/scholarly transliteration as Quran. This is
because the Hebrew Alphabet does not as a rule
indicate short vowels or the doubling of
consonants compounds. Thus spellings of
Kabalah using either "one or two b's" are both
grammatically correct; as the "single b"
accurately reproduces its spelling in the Hebrew,
while the "double b" represents historically that
it was often pronounced with a double b. Now
granting the aforesaid mix-up as coincidental,
the next a is a outright High Treason: Fearing the
Light might shine on their dark deeds and like a
selfish person unwilling to give of their
property/wealth to others; there is under the
mask of Security (Whose security?) an "Evil
Tradition" (by Governments, Secret Societies,
"World Pleasing Churches/Religions" and their
snobs) to conceal both "Pure Doctrine" and
"Supernatural Sciences". Append as
corporations/institutions keep 2-5 sets of books
(one for the public, one for the low level
employees, one for the I.R.S. ...and so on), so too
most guide/text books (on authentic Scripture
and powerful Occult practice) which they've
published (after censorship and stealth) cannot
be trusted either. Add to that, that they have so
habitually/well encrypted/hidden the "Whole
Truth" over thousands of years that after the
passing away of their Elder Elite the "Complete
Truth" was lost even to them. And so even their
own members are also destroyed thru lack of
Holy Knowledge and ignorance (as written in
Hosea 4: 6, Acts 17: 30, Romans 10: 2-4, Romans
11: 25, 1Corinthians 12: 1, 2Corinthians 2: 11,
Ephesians 4: 18, Thessalonians 4: 13 & 1Peter 1:
14). The power of God YaHShWeH cannot be
misused, for the simple fact that it is "His Power"
not ours/theirs. What happen for example when
the turncoat Prophet Balaam was hired by the
King of Moab to curse Israel in Numbers 22-24?
He was powerless to curse them and could only
bless them! What happen when the "Ark of the
Covenant" was captured by the Philistines in
1Samuel 4-7? They only succeeded in bringing
the curse upon themselves that they could not
bear even to be in the same city with the Ark; so
they had to return it with interest. Fact of the
matter is that the only powers that can attempt to
be used against JoShUaH/His-People are unholy
/not-His powers!  It's  concealed Shamanism,
Sorcery, the so-called Tarot and the treasonous
Customs/Laws of Mortals, by the way, which has
far less safeguards! And that's where the danger
lay and where the so-called security should be.
*Notice it wasn't until after JoShUaH the Chief
Nazarene was baptized and fasted that He was
approached by Lucifer to be challenged/tested.
As told in Matthew 4: 1-11, when the Tempter
approached JoShUaH; Satan came unarmed,
looking sharp, being polite, conversing, quoting
Holy Scriptures/TaNaK (NOT Talmudic bullshit)
and offering advice. They even journeyed
together. It was not until the Devil assessed
JoShUaH as a contender that he asked to be
worshiped, and then it was JoShUaH who with
only a phrase ended their association. Merry
they met and merry they parted! The Devil was
not armed, ugly and/or menacing as typical
religions would have us believe. The Red Dragon
Serpent and his posse are quite cordial in one's
first encounter. It's only when you prove to be a
threat that they show their "True Colors". To
pass that test takes deep understanding, right
conviction and great discipline; all of which are
not readily available to the average follower of
the Christ/Messiah, whom will naively and
undereducated face the equivalent contests.
These trials have been named the "Dark Night of
the Soul", because few survive unscathed. Even
those who merely try to do good morally will
also be overwhelmed by the evil/negative Nature
of this World. The present conditions of Earth,
Heaven and all those therein bear witness! On
those accounts the "Silence" must be broken to
tell it like it is. As Ambassador of "C.U.P. -
Christ's Universal People/Prophets(esses)", I
became of the Universal Life Church (and a few
"Other Authorities") legitimately ordained
Reverend Doctor Byron D. Allen; and thus
invested to absolve, give counsel and perform
all sacerdotal rites. Also as true "kindred of
Zadok" with little to hide and not insecure of our
rank; it's not our goal to lead you astray nor
weaken you with "Crypto-Babble", nor to
delay/dilute your learning. Ergo we'll not use
"common Astrology", neither Notarikon/Temurah
(Judaism takes on the game of Scrabble!) nor the
Tarot. We'll use the original pure forms of
Astronomy, Logic, Gematria/Numerology,
Parapsychology and the Holy Torah/"Torot"
(Torot being the Hebrew plural of Torah; includes
the New Testament of the Christian Holy Bible).
Hear O' Talmudic Jews and Amateur Magicians,
when all's said and done "Am I therefore become
your enemy, because I tell you the Truth
(Galatians 4: 16)"? Well, let me now show and
prove it!

"Tree of Life" or "Good & Evil" as "One-Death"!

Non-Affiliated 7th-Day Adventist (Professor Walter Veith) testifies on
The Secret Behind Secret Societies"

Bill Schnoebelen informs on "
The Real Light Behind Masonry"

"CABALAH" originally came from the Hebrew
word "
KBL(H)": literally "From Mouth To Ear",
hence "
HOLY CABALAH" must denote GOD'S
/HEAVEN'S Cognition
or Reception! Thus =
WHISPERED WORD(S)"! And these "Direct Holy
Mystical Communications
, from the Eternal
Father/Abba God YHShWH to HIs Children
, are the
Real/True Church/Rock/Foundations"; of which
Adoni/Lord JoShUaH intended/spoke in Matthew
16: 18, not Peter himself, nor any of the
Apostles/Rabis themselves! Alas, anyway to
continue; the 1st-Adam, before Eve was brought
forth, being whole - both male and female in one
body - was truly God YaHShWeH's "Kid"! Hence,
that Adam is often referred to by the Kabalic
family name of "KadMon"/Moon-Child... With the
Moon then viewed as child/kid of the Sun/Light.
Though this is not technically correct, in that
state of being Adam was truly "One" with Eve,
still innocent/perfect and in direct
communication/harmony with GoD! It is believed,
that after Eve was taken out of Adam,
Adam's/their individual knowledge/perfection
was also reduced by half! Thus Satan in a contest
of wits against only one of them (either Adam or
Eve), had great advantage! Thus from that
moment on, as individuals, we are dependent on
Linking" to GoD/others for wholeness or full
potential! Thus now "No man is an island"! We all
must love, bond-with or serve some "Other
Person/God". Nevertheless, God planted a
Cosmic/Failsafe Conscience/Link" in each of us!
Exercise of that Cord/Spark is our Duty
! That is the practice of CABALAH! So,
Science of Divine Communication is not
"New" but "Ancient/Original" Age/Mysticism
/Science! It was revealed from Adam to Enoch,
Abraham to Israel, Noah to Moses and then to the
Levites (Whom oft monopolized it) and the
Kindred of Zadok/Sedec/Zedek". Because back
then the Hebrews alone followed/recognized the
true God they were entitled to the latter
exclusives. But, after our Messiah's first coming,
He personally, and by His Disciples, publicly
recorded/revealed the "
"; first to all Jews, then to all
the Peoples of the World/Universe through His
Disciples/Churches - primarily as consequences
of the Judaic rejection of both
His Holy Sacrifice
+ Torah/TaNaK = True CaBaLaH/Revelation(s).
All True Christians = "Grafted/Adopted
"; and so the "Judaic Monopoly" of Kabalah
is thereby terminated. I oft times wonder if they
yet realize that their "Patent" has expired! But
they're only one of many "Mystery-Mongers"
nowadays.  Anyway, what defines a Race
or Nationality more than their "Related
Communications" = "Related Words" =
Language? Do any of us stop to think where our
Word(s)/Language(s) originated? Who knew that
our/all Words live and reign as/under One?
Genesis 11: 1 "And the whole Earth was of One
language, and of One speech." As revealed in
John 1: 1 & 12, "In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God, and the Word was
God. (thus Language = Godly!) Yet as many as
RECEIVED HIM (His Covenant/Spirit/Word(s)),
to them He gave
Power to become reunited
"Children of GodFather YHShWH"
, even to them
call on "His Name" (Jesus/JoShUaH the
. It is not written in Proverbs 18:
21, "
Life and Death are in the Power of the
". So also, the Holy's/Life's Might is only
in God's Holy/Life Word(s) and His Holy/Life
Covenant(s)/Contract(s)! Thus only God's
/Holy Angel's/ Prophet(ess)'s/Scriptures' which
are oral/spoken/heard qualify as "
"! Not the "Traditions/Laws of mere
mortals Aliens/Institutions" outside/void of the
Most Holy Citizenship/Loop/Spirit! Therefore Holy
/Right Names and/or Holy/Right Subjects matter!
Succinctly, the True Cabalah presents a
"Symbolic Explanation" and "Biological
/Emanational Testimony" of "Eden's/God's
HuMans/Peoples" Creation; where the "MOTHER
/FATHER GOD OF ALL" a.k.a. the "AYIN" =
"Whole Eternal Cosmos" manifests as the/via the
"AIN SOF"/YHShWH = "Eternal Being/Father
/KingOfKings", whom in turn sends the  "AIN
SOF AUR" = JoShUaH the Messiah = the Most
Holy One, Whose Righteous Spirit alone, if
dwelling in us, enables "Right of Passage" thru
"Holy Heavens Gate" = JoShUaH (The Door/Way)
= the "Tree Of Life", which can be reached
through the Root of our Individual/Neutral
Subconscious/Soul = "KETHER-Crown" planted
in the "Universe of Eden". But since our
Conscious/Spirit = "BINAH-Intelligence" has
Birthed/Fallen = into so-called "Original Sin"
("Help! We've fallen and we can't get up!"), our
now Mortal Body's "Trunk+Branches" =
"SEFIROT" (the sum of which is called "Carnal-
Being" = "Devilish-Nature from the "TREE OF
"Mortal Universe" of which Satan is the DemiGod
= Warden) are growing reversed/upside-down
(See the True/Untainted Sephirot "Tree of
Mortality": As points on One upright Pentagram
/Body & Its Inverted/Mirrored/Shadow Pentagram
/Body... shown in the diagrams below). The first
known central "Book of Cabalah" named the
"Pentateuch" (1st Five Books of the Holy Bible -
presumably written by Moses around 1000bc)
was the first to be called the "WRITTEN TORAH"
/Saints). Which led to a combined work of early
Prophets called the "Nebiim". Which in turn led
to "The Other Writings" called the "Ketubim".
Those three together formed the first "JEWISH
also as the "Torah-Nebiim-Ketubim = T.N.K. =
TANAK" = An acronym for its three sections:
Torah = Pentateuch, Nebiim = Prophetic
Literature and Ketubim = Other Writings)... All of
the main authority for the present day "Judaic
Kabalah". Yet since the time Christ JoShUaH and
His Apostles arrived on the scene, that
"Obsolete Kabalah", for CUP, became what we
Saints now call the "AMENDED COVENANT
/CABALAH" dating from about 7bc-100ad!
Amended by having been Updated to include the
Testimonies of our Lord JoShUaH and His
Disciples forming the "CHRISTIAN HOLY BIBLE".
And that is we Saint's authority for "CHRISTIAN
/SAINT'S CABALAH" = "Saintcraft" =  "Christian
/Saint's Alchemy/Theurgy". Notice, I've tried to
avoid saying "Old/New Testament"? The Torah
(which means Law/Instruction/Principles
or Ordinances-Of-God) and It's Holy Prophesies of
the Messiah all are merely describing the
Covenant/Contract, Will/Legacy/Inheritance
= Identity/Spirit of Lord JoShUaH. When one
makes a Contract, is it not said one gave their
"Word"... Which "Word(s) of God" is/are the Oath
(s)/Promises of God), that God "Conditionally
Bequeaths" to us. And many of "those Conditions
in the so-called Old Covenant, like the 10
Commandments, are still in effect. Even though,
it is written of the Holy Contract in Hebrews 9: 15
"And for this cause He is the Mediator of the
"New Covenant", that by means of death, for the
redemption of the transgressions that were
under the "First Covenant", they which are
called might receive the Promise of Eternal
Inheritance. CUP claim, the "Holy Contract" is
"New" only in the sense of being "Different"
from the Original in "Some Aspects", not All! The
"Chief Aspect" being "The Source"... Which is
better, the "Written Invitation" or the "Live
Event"? Old "Articles/Books concerning God" or
the actual "Person/Presence of God" Him/Her/IT
Self? John 1: 14 "And the Word was made flesh,
and dwelt among us, (and we beheld His Glory,
the Glory as of the only begotten of the Father,)
full of Grace and Truth". John 14: 17 "
Even the
Spirit of Truth; Whom the World cannot receive,
because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him:
but ye know Him; for He dwelleth with you, and
shall be in you
". Ezekiel 11: 19-20 "And I will give
them One Heart, and I will put a New Spirit within
you... That they may walk in My Statutes, and
keep Mine Ordinances, and do them: and they
shall be My People, and I will be
YaHShWeH their
". Romans 8: 8-17 "So then they that are in
the flesh cannot please God. But ye are not in
the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit
of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the
Spirit of Christ, he is none of His... But if the
Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead
dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the
dead shall also Quicken your mortal bodies by
His Spirit that dwelleth in you... For as many as
are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Children
of God... whereby we cry, Abba, Father. The
Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that
we are the Children of God: And if children, then
heirs; Heirs of God, and Joint-heirs With Christ; if
so be that we suffer with Him, that we may be
also Glorified together". And thus it's more fitting
to call it an "Amended/Upgraded Covenant
/Testament", rather than "New Testament"!
Another case of Matthew 15: 9 where CUP's
Advocate, Lord JoShUaH Himself, declares "
in vain they do worship Me, teaching for
Doctrines the Traditions of Mankind
". Add to that
the witness of Hebrews 8: 6-7 which reads, "But
now hath He (Messiah JoShUaH) obtained a more
excellent ministry, by how much also He is the
Mediator of a Rectified Covenant, which was
established upon Better Promises. For if that
First Covenant had been faultless, then should
no place have been sought for the Second";
affirming that we now have not so much a New
Contract/Testament but a "Debuged Covenant
/Will". Yet Altered, say CUP, in for the most part
in just 2-Fundamentals! Number One, that in the
Original Testament's "Office(s) of the
Priesthood", our Lord "Cleaned House" by
"Rending the Veil" of Jerusalem's Temple and
thus giving all "His Saints" "Direct Access" to
God His Father in the Holy of Hollies. So, all
Faithful Christians are made Priests(esses)
/Prophets(esses) having both been reconciled by
Christ's Blood and empowered/sealed with His
Ghost/Spirit's dwelling in us. But that's usually
only accomplished nowadays via double
Baptizism of Water (signifying how we' re
cleaned/washed by Christ's Blood) and Fire/Holy-
Spirit giving us His adoption/power (we then
have might because we literally have Him living
in/thru us) to overcome. And so doing, fulfilled
"His Prophesy" to "Put His Holy Law/Spirit
/Torah/Word(s) in our Hearts/Minds/Bodies"; that
we're then literally "Born Again", having
"Him/His-Spirit take up Residence in our Bodies"
, that our Body is now "His Body/Temples" and
we "His Kindred/Instruments" from here to Eden.
Number Two, as it is written of Messiah JoShUaH
and the Holy Will in Hebrews 9 "…And for this
cause He is the Mediator… by means of Death,
for the redemption of the transgressions that
were under the First Will, they which are called
might receive the Promise of Eternal Inheritance.
For where a Will is, there must also of necessity
be the Death of the Testator. For a Will is In Force
after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength
at all while the Testator liveth. Whereupon
neither the First Will was dedicated without
Blood. For when Moses had spoken every
precept to all the people according to the law, he
took the blood of calves and of goats, with water,
and scarlet wool, and hyssop, and sprinkled both
the Book, and all the people saying, "This is the
Blood of the Will which God hath Bequeathed
unto you". Moreover he sprinkled with blood
both the Tabernacle, and all the vessels of the
ministry. And almost all things are by the Law
purged with blood; and without shedding of
blood is no remission..." Thus Lord JoShUaH had
to die in order for His Will to take effect! Yet it is
written in Hebrews 10 "For it is not possible that
the blood of bulls and of goats should take away
sins...". Thus His "Half-God and Half-HuMan
Blood Sacrifice" far Transcends all Animal
Sacrifices, that they then are completely done
away with! This Revolutionary "Raw-Meaty-
Doctrine" ("For Adults Only" 1Corinthians 3: 2 &
Hebrews 5: 12-14) was lost from the Judaic
Kabalah all because the Judaic Jews rejected
Lord JoShUaH as their "Prophesied/True
King/Christ/Messiah". Though "Theoretically" at
the time of His "Scourging" they were half-right
for Emmanuel/JoShUaH did not become equal to
Abba YHShWH until after His crucifixion
when/where God YHShWH then gave Him His-
Seat and His-Authority (like a father lets his son
behind "the wheel")... For as stated earlier,
"Legally"/"Technically" a Testament is of no
effect until the Death of the Testator. And few
hundred years later when the Byzantine Empire
lay waste to the Messiah's only other eye-
witness (The Roman Empire and it's deflowered
"Catholic/State Church"), the Judaic Jews found
the nerve to stage a "come back" by
incorporating their most "Famed Rabbis"
Interpretations/Teachings as lost/undocumented
Ketubim and called it the "Mishnah" (that which
is learned or memorized). Thus they taint the
Holy Scriptures by adding mere Opinions
/Traditions of Men for Divine Doctrine. And as if
that wasn't bad enough, hating to be outdone
"Devils' Inc." joined in the fun and, while the
Palestine Jews were bickering with the
Babylonian Jews, "Somebody" smuggled in
more new Opinions/Traditions under the guise of
"Talmud" (that which is studied) and decreed it
all as equal and/or superior to their "Old
Testament Bible/Tanak". And they "swear" that
their "Original Cabalah/TaNaK" cannot compare
to their "Modified Judaic Kabalah/TaLMuD"!
Something there doesn't add up right in the
Christian's/Saint's logic. Moving on, deep
Christian Alchemy/Saintcraft/Theurgy has other
spiritual links with  some early (before they were
subverted) Gnostic Christians, Essenes, some
early (before they fell to Jesuit/Masonic
Domination)Martinist/Rosicrucian sects and
Christian Mystics/Yogists... But our paths are
more direct because they contain far less
detours/errors/pollution. So in the "Original
Cabalah", our body was kin to Eve & Adam
"Kadmon" (Eden's/Original Man/Human/Woman),
when they were still in Eden their "Given
Universe" ("Dream Realm"/"Free-Spirit Realm"),
before they fell. Therefore, we should "Rise
/Ascend/Awaken" our Soul's Dream/Spirit body
and return to Eden! This does not imply suicide
or death! Throwing away the precious Gift of Life
unnecessarily is disrespectful to the God whom
gave it to you. The "Saved" Human Body, being
even moreso Gifted with God's/Holy Spirit, is
then "God's Residence" a Holy Temple that none
dare defile! Furthermore, the "Word of God" calls
untimely death both unwise (Ecclesiastes 7: 16)
and an enemy (1Corinthians 15: 26)! Besides, the
idea is to "Access" Holy Heaven via it's gate the
"Tree of Life" and then to return a Holy
Prophet(ess)/Saint not to be an Escape Artist or a
quitter. Though this Realm is a "Prison", there's
no evading the Holy Cherubim which guard
Eden's Gate (the only mortal path out). Yes, the
Holy Scriptures (Old & New Together) are a
"Royal Invitation/Pass/Pardon", that the Holy
Angels/Cherubim/Guards will acknowledge; if
you can prove/show to them "Your
Messianic/Reborn Faith/Name" in/on there! Can
you? Anyway, our Rise/Ascent/Awakening ought
to be done using the "Dream/Eden/Spirit Body".
Exactly how our "Life Energy's Tenfold
Manifestation" uses these "Life Branches
/Keys/Portals" called "Chakras/Sefirot", moving
thru the body's trunk/spine as they proceed
down from the "High/Middle Self/Soul" to this
material world,  is now revealed publicly for the
1st time in CUP's exclusive diagram(s) and plain
details to follow:

CUP Exclusively Show Publicly the
Draw_Down/Up_of_6Senses10Sefirot_w/ Natural Colors in Spinal
Order on the Kabala BodyTree **Note that all Sefirot Correspond to
both Nature & CUP's TorahAlchemicPentaCompass Also Sefirot 3, 5,
6, 8 & 9 Correspond to the Ancient "Sign of the Kabalistic Cross"!
***Note again this all proves the Kabalah to be the original Theurgy
which so-called Sorcery&Judaism'sTalmud perverted!

*Note the parallelism between the our body's
"Major Endocrine System" and the Central
Sefirot, which only serves to confirm these
revelations as facts not fables! Also, aside from
the palms of the hands and soles of the feet
Central/Spinal or
/Sefirot are the main/real channels
/branches for Energies. The color pattern used
shows both the Sefirot's internal relationship to
the 6-Senses/5Elements and their use in many
*Note too, that the Heart (Jeremiah 31: 33
... I will put my law in their ... hearts ..." - thus
reserved for the "Life & Death Failsafe")
is not often used
for these purposes. Be warned,
this is not a game! Tampering with the Heart is
both deadly and normally unnecessary. We are
merging with mighty supernatural forces that
cause formidable effects throughout the Human
In the rare case(s) when an Elect/High
/Royal Apostle/Prophet would need the
Heart/Love Chakra-Sefirah it replaces (and
viceversa = is replaced by) the Naval/Charity-
Chesed Sefirah
(Though the Digestive System
intakes = tastes and breaks down the immediate
absorbable parts of the food, it's actually the
Blood System which further filters = tastes and
distributes/feeds/pumps the useable forms of
food throughout the body.) which would in those
instances be unused as the Heart Chakra is to
remain unused now. Our true core/self, the
Subconscious/Planted-Soul is located in the Halo
Chakra or Crown/Kether Sefirah; just above the
head: the source of one's Aura. Inside the mortal
body we'll use primarily those centers which
correspond to the 5-Senses (Hear, Taste, See,
Breathe/Smell & Touch) i.e. the "Middle-Pillar" 5-
Essences (Spirit, Waters, Light, Sky & Earth). The
Cerebral/Intelligence-Binah Sefirah (at the top-
rear of the head where the hair grows in a spiral)
overrides the hearing ears by its interpreting and
being the center for Mind (One's Own Spirit). The
Brow/Tiphareth-Beauty Sefirah (in the middle of
the forehead just above the eyebrows) is
superior to the eyes by its ability to see also the
invisible making it the center for Day/Light
(though on the TaNaK-Alchemic PentaCompass
Light/Fire/Hod-Glory is "Externally" at the
East/Left Palm). The "Throat and Vocal-Cords"
/Chokmah-Wisdom Sefirah overrides the nose's
air-filter/smelling by its air/breath and sound
control making it the center for Heaven/Sky
(though on the PentaCompass Sky/Air/Geburah-
Power is externally at the North/"Right Palm").
The Navel/Charity-Chesed Sefirah overrides the
mouth's tasting being the center for food
digestion and thus becomes the center for the
element Waters/Seas (though on the
PentaCompass Waters/Yesod-Fundamentals is
externally at the West/"Right Foot's Sole"). *Note
too, that in Yoga's Lotus Position (sitting cross-
legged with the hands' palms on/near the feet
/groin/legs), the Hands, feet and genital/Victory-
Netzach Sefirot all combine into one Touch or
Earth (though on the PentaCompass
Earth/Malkuth-Kingdom is externally at the
South/"Left Foot's Sole") center! We in CUP use
the Body/Cabalistic Tree as a central matrix or
prototype for the Archetypal images of the body
that can be adapted to Christian Theurgy, as with
the Chakras in Yoga for example. Such system
of comparison became known as "
". For instance, CUP link the
"Ten Commandments, the Ten Sefirot" of the
Kabala and the first Ten Letters of the Alphabet
along with the Ace/1 thru 10 (As equivalent to "0 -
9" in Christian Numerology)
in what's now the
same sized deck of 54 common Playing Cards...
Using 4-Suits called Lights=Diamonds,
Keys=Clubs, Hearts and Spells=Spades with 13
cards in each Suit and 2 "Wild Cards": Consisting
of 44 Minor Arcana (The Ace/1 - 12 of Lights, the
Ace/1 - 10 of Keys, the Ace/1 - 12 of Hearts and
the Ace/1 - 10 of Spells), Ten Major Arcana of the
8-remaining suit cards in the latter 4-Suits known
as the King of Spells, the Knight of Keys, the
Queen of Spells, the Lady of Keys, the
Master/Mistress (comparable to the Jack) of
Spells, the Prince /Pricess of Hearts (comparable
to the Jack), the Judge of Keys (comparable to
the Jack) and the Guardian/Patron Angel/Saint
Lights (comparable to the Jack) respectively;
plus the 2-Trump as the God's/Goddess' Grant =
Big Joker and the Angelic/Devil's Grant = Little
Joker cards. But long ago however they were
called, by the first "Christian Jews", the
Christian's/Kabala's/Saint's "Torot" (the Hebrew
plural of "Torah") Deck. It uses a unique Holy
"BibloKabalic" Numerological System of
values/meanings for the numbers 1 thru 13.
12 disciples/tribes/hours and even the
original Hebrew Solar (using 13-Lunar months)
Calendar at the time of Moses had 13-months of
28 days each, with 10 isolated (normally between
/outside every 8th-year - marked by the cycle of
the planet Venus to its starting position in the
Zodiac) Holy/Feast/Sabbath Days (sometimes as
additions to the 13-Month) for corrections. There
are still disputes going on as to the exact tribal
identities of the 12 Apostles/Disciples; yet it all
still works equally well for CUP. As a matter of
fact the interpretations and meanings of "True
Numerology" are from the blueprint/key of the
Saint's Torot; unlike most modern Numerologists
that use Astrology/Tarot as key for theirs. Also
the so-called Chaldean System of Numerology is
descended from the so-called Pythagorean
number values of the Hebrew Alphabet which
differ from number values of English. Obviously
so do most every language - but miraculously
/somehow they all work out to the same effects.
Still a great taint of evil was committed by adding
1 more "Court card" to each of the Saint's Torot's
4-Suits with 13 cards each giving them 14 cards
in each Suit (probably from superstitious fear of
the number 13) thus changing the 52 total (All
Minor + Non-Trump Major Arcana) cards into 56
total Minor Arcana cards. And as if that wasn't
bad enough the "Original 2-Trump Major Arcana
cards" were dropped and "22 (22-letters in
Hebrew Alphabet ... Coincidence?) new cards"
were added to the Major Arcana, perverting
Kabalic-Numerology/the-Torot-Deck into the now
so-called "Tarot Deck of 78 cards (56 + 22 = 78)".
Also this Judaic Tarot have cards for the Egyptian
Mages, the Devil and Death, but none for God, His
Prophets or Life! Yet True Numerology uses only
the basic positive integers 1 thru 9 because all
other higher positive integers reduced down to
those "Basic Nine". For example 10 reduces to 1
by 1 + 0 = 1, 11 reduces to 2 by 1 + 1 = 2, 12
reduces to 3 by 1 + 2 = 3, 13 reduces to 4 by 1 +
3 = 4 and so forth. In the Saint's Torot however,
the addition of 10, 11, 12 & 13 was endorsed to
give heed primarily to the 10 Commandments
/Decimals/Sefirot, 12 Apostles/Hours-of-Day
/Tribes-of-Israel with 13 for Rulers/Judgment, and
the 4-Suits for the 4 Main Cherubim/Directions
also to accommodate most other Bible Doctrine
as well. But the idea for exactly "22-cards more"
was that of egotistic Judaic Numerologists who
imagined tying in the "22-letters of the Hebrew
Alphabet" in an effort to tailor Numerology to
their own Judaic Culture/Tradition and so
hog/encode the Original Truth. Yet even those
original alphabetic meanings/values are now for
the most part rarely used in either the Torot or
Tarot, what a shame! What are Alphabets or
Languages anyway, but a bunch of Symbols for
Communications! Also the more Universal and
Potent the Symbols, the more Universal and
Potent are the Communications/Effects! Thus
Universal Accents (Music, Poetry and/or
Actions/Rituals Amplify/Accent) can be added to
Universal "Signs" and Symbols or be
substituted/added to any lanquage for far more
Grand/Reaching Results! Remember though,
Accuracy is Chief Above All! So YHShWH the
Source of All Power is the Holiest of All Gods!
Therefore the more Direct the Addressing, the
Higher, the Heavenlier and the Holier our
Accents, Signs, Symbols and Languages are; all
the more Awesome, Majestic and Miraculous will
be the Outcome!

CUP view the "Cross by itself", not so much as
being a "symbol of Death", but rather a symbol
of the "Ascended/Resurrected Life"; and/or
symboling the "Risen Body" of JoShUaH, the
"1st Begotten Antecedent", who conquered
Death for all of us faithful followers. Our "Cross
with a Human body or its best symbol" (the
"Pentagram/Star") affixed to its axis represents
to us God's Personal Sacrifice; in that He Himself
Descended (left off His Throne and Immortality)
and not only paid the true price for our baneful
mess (A Human/God Atonement for Human/god
screw ups = Why should innocent mortal
Animals continuously pay for Humanity's/Angelic
gross errors?), but also showed us how it all
could and should be done in the Game of Life
and Love! *Note too, CUP don't count the genitals
as a limb on MultiPointed-Stars like the
Pentagram, for it would then differentiate
between male & female. We use the 6-pointed
star for "6-limb beings" where one limb is a tail,
like many animals/dradons. We use the 7-pointed
star for 7-limb beings where two limbs are the
wings, like some Angels. CUP uses the 11-
pointed star for an 11-limb being where 6-limbs
are the wings like on a particular Cherub without
a tail. And so on. CUP use the Pentagram also as
the "KABALISTIC CROSS". For the Israeli/Jews
imprisoned by Judaic Tradition their symbol is
the Hexagram ... Do they even know why? We
do! In the diagram just below, taken from "The
Key Of Solomon The King" translated by S. L.
MacGregor Mathers; there are small hexagonal
(made of 2 equilateral triangles) symbols at the 4-
quarters (North, South, East & West). The symbol
with 2-triangles base to base stands for Air/Sky
(Heaven = Geburah/Power). The symbol with 2-
triangles merged together in effect one pointed
up (to Good) and one pointed down (to Evil)
stands for Dry Land (the Judaic's Hexagram =
Earth/Malkuth/Kingdom: Yet most of them
appear not to notice as it is written from Genesis
to "Amos 5: 26", this Realm/Malkuth/Kingdom of
"50% Evil/Good" and Half Lie(s)/Truth(s) is the
very Nature of Satan = Molech/carnal/temporal;
not yet the Messiah's "Kingdom To Come"). The
symbol with 2-triangles one's tip into one's base
stands for Fire/Light (Day = Hod/Glory). And the
symbol with 2-triangles tip to tip (like a figure-8)
stands for Waters = Seas/Yesod/Fundamantals
*However be warned, this "Circle of Art" is not
recommended because it was made under the
"Old Covenant/Testament" (Messiah JoShUaH
is/was not emphasized) and the 4-Cherubim
(Guardians of the "True Compass") of YHShWH's
Chariot-Throne are not included ... Facts which
most modern so-called Christian
Masters/Students of Kabala/Magic overlook! As
Judaism denies that Holy God Father/Mother
Almighty is a Real Person(s) and that Lord
JoShUaH is His/Her Christ/Messiah so does
Christian Saintcraft/Theurgy deny Judaic Kabala
as valid ... To put it simply, CUP declare both
Judaic Kabala and any so-called
Sorcery/Witchcraft, based on it, to be
extinct/obsolete! And you're witnessing all these
revelations made public for the 1st time from
CUP. Have you heard this Christian Dogma
anywhere before now? Anyway, this so-called
Circle of Solomon's Art is still better than many
(Chiefly because the Elements are assigned to
their correct Quarters and vice versa.) and can
be made to function by a Born-Again Master of
the Art; for the Power(s) is/are of the Person(s)
not the Clothing.

C.U.P.'s Prototype Ritual Sphere

Native American Indian Order "Path of the Feather's" Ritual
Compass/Logo (Root Side Of Feather Points Northeast)

Again, the mystical Holy Kabala's goal of self
knowledge entails discovering the path to the
"Lost Garden/Realm of Eden's Self/Estate",
following it back to our "Original Godling
Self/Legacy" (before Tribes & Races - just one
Family/People & one Super Nation & one
God/King YHShWH Almighty) and then don't
repeat Adam's/Eve's fatal error. With this in mind,
the ancient Kabalists proclaimed that the
Cosmos is divided into three universes or planes
for the levels of self to exist:

But "Christians/Saints of the Whole Truth" do not
accept "Churches/Groups of half-truth(s)".
In the history of most Churches, after its founders
are eliminated, the "Mother Church" slowly
strays from its original dogma/teachings to suit
the fancy of its new Lords and local Politicians -
That's Satan's "M-O" ("Method of Operation")!
"Its not that were ungrateful, to the "Mother
Jews" that gave life and nourishment to the
"Child Christians", but we are not children
anymore", said the "Mother Catholics" (Before
the Jesuit takeover & Luther Biblical Exposure).
And the time has come again for a "Mystical
/Spiritual Revolution", say CUP. One must clearly
distinguish the "Christian Path", which demands
"Christian Rebirth" (Baptism of both Water
/Amnesty and Fire/"Christ's-Spirit" as the only
guaranteed/safe access to the "Tree of Life"
/"Heaven’s Translated Body", separate from both
the so-called "Judaic Path" and the
"Babalawos/Magickal/Shaman's Path" which can
ascend only to the Middle's Plane (Eden/Dream
/Spirit Universe) Border/Neutral Lands. Though
the "Tree of Life" is approachable in the Eden
/Spiritual Universe there are "Holy Guardian
Cherubim" (Genesis 3: 22-24) in place both to
prevent premature Heavenly Birth and to stop
undesirable guests. This brings us to a wild card,
the "MAASEH MERKAVA" or “Workings of the
Chariot”. The "Ark of the Covenant/Testimony"
(Exodus 25: 8, 19-22) was a miniature man-made
device, shadowing the real "MERCY/MESSIAH's
SEAT/THRONE" of Four Cherubim (inter-
dimensional guardians) driven by God YHShWH,
called the "CHARIOT OF ISRAEL" (mentioned in
Ezekiel 1: 4-28 and Revelation 4: 2-8). Simply put,
the Ark worked as a portal between Heaven's
Gate at the Tree of Life in Eden and here for
JShUH/HIs-Angels/us to come/go. Also, JShUH's
specific instruction to Prophets/Moses was "And
there I will meet with thee, and I will commune
with thee from the Mercy Seat, above and
between the ... Cherubim ... (Exodus 25: 22 &
Numbers 7: 89)". In fact Good God is constantly
referred to as "Lord JoShUaH that dwells above
/between or rides the Cherubim" (1Samuel 4:
4, 2Samuel 6: 2, 2Samuel 22: 11, 2Kings 2: 11,
2Kings 19: 15, 1Chronicles 13: 6, Psalms 18: 10,
Psalms 80: 1, Psalms 99: 1 & Isaiah 37: 16). In
many legends/mythologies of original creation,
the Heavens were sustained by four pillars and
each pillar had one of the Four Cherubim/Genii as
a keeper in charge of it. Ancient ones called them
"The Pillars Of Heaven" or "The Pillars Of Him
Who Dwells In The Heavens". These four
guardians are sometimes represented as the four
cardinal points of a compass or the four borders
of a(n) card/object/statue. So even without the
Ark, the Maaseh Merkava is a form of Ceremonial
/Ritual Saintcraft/Theurgy whereby "live and in
living color" we can still invite God down to us or
ask to go up to Him. Both Judaic Jews and
Rookie Magicians deny that Holy God Father
/Mother YHShWH is a real GodMan/Person and/or
that JoShUaH the Messiah is His/Her sole most
perfect Avatar/Son. Thus for them there is not
really a "Man on the Throne" (as is literally said in
their own Tanach Bible), or even a real Throne,
nor a need for Christ to have accessed the Tree
of Life and/or entered into God’s presence for us.
There sinful Egos teach/think they can get past
the Guardian Cherubim, without the Messiah's
Aid, using their clout/wit to extract, from the Old
/Faulty Testament/Covenant, an exclusive
secret backdoor/bypass/password/technique to
Holy Heaven or the Realm of Eden . Must
everyone be reminded of what role the Judaic
Jews played in the kangaroo court and execution
of the "Man Christ" who was both innocent and
their Messiah, which they (at least Caiaphas their
High Priest and Prophet of the time: As written in
John 11: 47-54 "Then gathered the chief priests
and the Pharisees a council, and said, What'll we
do? For this man doeth many miracles. If we let
him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and
the Romans shall come and take away both our
place and nation. And one of them, named
Caiaphas, being the high priest that same year,
said unto them, Ye know nothing at all. Nor
consider that it is expedient for us, that one man
should die for the people, and that the whole
nation perish not. And this spake he not of
himself: but being high priest that year, he
prophesied that Christ JoShUaH should die for
that nation. And not for that nation only, but that
also he should gather together in one the children
of God that were scattered abroad. Then from that
day forth they took counsel together for to put
him to death. Messiah JoShUaH therefore walked
no more openly among those Jews ...") full well
knew! Not only that but why they did what they
did? They did it because He exposed them in
public for the hypocrites they are. Even to this
very day, neither Israel nor Judaism have fessed
up to their guilt or foreknowledge concerning
Christ Jesus/JoShUaH. Yet, it was the Hebrew
Jewish Nation themselves who gave all
Christians the Oracles/records of Holy Genealogy
& Scripture (the source of Christian Theology,
history and record(s) of their guilt). And it was
the Nation of Israel/Judaism (as well as the
Romans) who witnessed firsthand all the "Sure
Signs; 3-hours of darkness/eclipse from 12-noon
till 3pm, the "veil of their Temple being rent in
two" by Earthquakes and the 1st-Resurrection
(Matthew 27: 50-54, Mark 15: 33-39 and Luke 23:
44-49); that occurred when JoShUaH the Messiah
died on the Cross. Did the Judaic Priests that
serve Satan (and if so the Romans must have
helped them) alter/hide the World's Historical
records too? They act quite bold, as if JoShUaH
Christ had never existed. Or is their guilty hearts
won't allow them to face it? This is probably why
they pretend to ignore their own Witnesses of
Throne and Him upon it, in their own Outdated
Scriptures, as real. They would have thousands
of years of false doctrine and falsely famed
rabbis to recant. Yes, they've gone too far to turn
back now! And still they wonder why they have
such bad karma. They must have some kind of
mental block or amnesia! The most crucial parts
of "Whole Truth" was buried by them so long ago
that they may now believe their own half-truths
/lies and become "Grand/Master Overachievers"
from having deceived themselves. They believe
they can acquire enough righteousness in their
own way(s) or that their sins will be overlooked
simply because they are descendants of
Abraham/Jacob/Prophets and citizens of Israel.
Can righteousness be passed down and/or
maintained by DNA alone? Some believe they
can buy their way in with animal/worldly sacrifice
(as in the Pre-Christ era). Some people believe
there are no "Devil" and/or Evil to be convicted
of. They understand not, that for breaking any of
the Ten Commandments (which is UnGodlike
/UnHoly), the penalty without Christ is Death -
Angels (who should know better) included! So if
they did come into Heaven or God’s presence
they would be condemned as guilty of
trespassing (Breaking into God's Castle/Mansion
for JoShUaH the Christ is the main Way/Door -
thus if you didn't come in thru the front door you
must have broke in.) at the very least and thus
cast down to the "LAKE OF FIRE" (2nd-Death
- Revelation 20: 14-15, 21: 8) or begging for
another chance. Many don't believe in JShUH's
Judgment after natural death or at the End of
Times - They believe thru so-called Reincarnation
they can be born over and over again for better
or worse forever or until they get it right. Know
you not that we are to judge Angels (1Corinthians
6: 3 & 1John 4: 1). How do you think so many
Churches, Denominations and Religions came
into being? There founders failed to challenge
/test the Demigods or Angels they encountered
...Else the founders themselves were
compromising or incompetent. How difficult is it
for us to tell a crooked/corrupt Police Officer,
FBI Agent, CIA Agent, Congress Man/Woman,
Senator or President just by looking? Their
badges are real, thus in general their authority is
legal. Now think how much harder it must be to
tell a crooked/corrupt Angel/god/Spirit! Not to
mention, what it would take to uncover/expose
one to oneself, let alone to the public! At the very
least, we must have a thorough knowledge of the
Holy Scriptures; as well as to be extra strong
and courageous. Some people are just plain
naive or stupid to be so easily fooled. Some are
truly in error or confused and those we pray to
help. But still some are truly "too far gone" and/or
evil; those are our competitors … May the best
man/woman win! We CUP again exclusively
reveal to the Public, that Ultramundane JShUH
rides a chariot throne driven by 4-Cherubim,
whom come and go quick as a flash of lightning;
"God’s Secret Service". These Cherubim do not
look like babes or children … They are referred to
as Beasts! The descriptions of Their appearance
are in the Bible/Torah chapters and verses which
I mentioned in a prior paragraph (Ezekiel &
Revelation). The mere sight of Them drops Elect
/Grand/High/Royal Prophets flat on their faces!
So one must be well prepared (Baptized at least,
if you want to see tomorrow) and bid to stand.
A "Master Christian Magician's" or "Holy
Prophet(ess)’s" "Sacred Ritual(s)" can "invoke"
the Lord & His Crew. Yet, be warned They cannot
lightly be "evoked", "banished" or deceived
/tricked. They will go only when They are good
and ready/satisfied; so you’d better have your
affairs in perfect order. You’d better have your
Element(s/als), Holy Names & Oratory in the
Highest Order. Forget about any "Spirit Allies
/Guardians" or Archangels remaining there with
you, because to JShUH w/His awesome
Cherubim, all others are obsolete or will have
somewhere else to be! It’s going to be just You,
Him & the "Fantastic Four". As a matter of fact
one of the best kept secrets is that these
Cherubim both "Guard" and "Are" the "Four
Quarters" (Genesis 3: 24 ... which face every
direction, to guard ...) not those "Imposter
Archangels" so-called Gabriel, Michael, Raphael
& Auriel/Uriel as taught by lesser schools!
Another half-truth still taught is that the lower 4 of
the "5 Cosmic Elements" each contained living
beings specially one with and designed to
flourish in such an environment (Spirit Sylphs
live in the Air/Sky, Spirit Salamanders live in Fire
/Light, Spirit Undines live in the Water and Spirit
Gnomes live in the Earth.). The Holy-Whole Truth
is that the Essences/Qualities lower 4 of the 5
Cosmic Elements are themselves one with the
Counterparts (or vice versa) of the 4 Holy
Cherubim (Another modern-day exclusive
revelation of CUP!)! For the ancient Egyptians -
before the perversions of Sun worship and
politics - Ja/Ya was mimicked by Ra who brought
forth four children, the 2 gods Shu & Geb and the
2 goddesses Tefnut & Nut. Shu and Tefnut
became Fire/Light/Stars and Air/Sky respectively.
Geb and Nut became the Earth and Water
respectively. To the Chaldeans they were the
protecting Genii of the human race: Sed-Alap
/Kirub, a bull with a human face; Lamas/Nigal, a
lion with a man's head; Ustar, a human; and
Nattig, an eagle with a human face. The Maya
called them Kan Bacab (yellow, and placed in the
East), Chac Bacab (blue, and placed in the West),
Zac Bacab (white, and placed in the North), and
Ek Bacab (black, and placed in the South). In spite
of all that, the Genuine Holy Cherubim as well as
their "Unholy Elementals/Impostors" all can be
commanded briefly to follow the Order(s)/Will of
a Christian Master/Mistress Prophet(ess)
/Magician. The "final word" of Revelation 4: 7
discloses the true increasing order, though to
their #1 root/origin "Abba YHShWH and Son
JShUH" (Ain Sof's Tree/Rivers Of Life) they all
serve equally, of their Kabalistic relationship:
5th Asiyah'Manipulation'Effect/Earth/Gihon - Lion
of God ( = Ariel in the Hebrew - Coincidence?),
"Guardian/King of the Earth/Jungle" and the
Southern Quarter, 4th Yetzirah'Formation/Sea(s)
/Pison - Bull/White Shark (The White Shark is
known as the largest predatory/bullish fish in all
the Seas though the smaller Bull Shark is the
most feared/bully because it hunts in both fresh
and salt Waters) of God, "Guardian/King of the
Seas" (which are-above/cover the Earth) and the
Western Quarter, 3rd Atzilut'Emanation/Day
/Hiddekel – Man/Woman/Child of God, "Guardian
/King-Queen of FirePower/Light" (which shines
360-degrees throughout the Cosmos) and the
Eastern Quarter then 2nd Briyah'Creation'Cause
/Heaven/Euphrates - Eagle of God, "Guardian
/King of the Sky" (which holds/surrounds all
Planets/Suns and maintains the Air we need) and
the Northern Quarter. Who are you talking to?
Start facing 315-degrees (360-45) to the North-
West, if you are addressing Holy Heaven/Eden
(As to go Counter-Clockwise to stop/undo
/turnback or show power over Time, as an
Immortal/Rightful heir/child of the God of Eternal
Life). One would begin facing what's left/rebuilt of
Jerusalem's/Solomon's/YHShWH's Temple in
Israel, if they were addressing this Earth
Dimension, as having the authority of the Highest
God/Lord YHShWH/JShUH and/or His Empire of
Eden to Order/Reveal "His Will" here in this
Plane. So, Deosil or Widdershins? Are you
"Opening" or "Closing"? Are you lying down or
standing up? The Magnetic Pole's Axis in the
Northern Hemisphere (Wobbles - even causing
the North Star to change - in a small circle whose
diameter extends from about 22.5-degrees
"Official Magnetic North" to 67.5-degrees from the
"True-North-Pole"/0-degrees consequently the
center of rotation = 67.5 - 22.5 = 45-degrees =
"CUP's Magnetic-North") represents the Spirit of
our planet; that’s why CUP align/start from 45-
degrees NorthEast (or 315-degrees NW) to
harmonize both with the entire Planet Earth and
Spirit(s). Spirit is also higher (Mind Over Matter)
than either Fire/Light/East-Quarter or the Temple
of Jerusalem as God/Lord YHShWH/JShUH is
higher than the 4 Cherubim/Quarters He/She (the
1st Adam was both Male & Female in One-Body -
Before the God, in whose image we were created,
took "WoMale" out of him) drives/rides. (The
Temple at Jerusalem cannot contain Him nor
does it any longer, being now unclean in both its
Priests and its grounds/materials. And who knows
where the “Ark of the Covenant” is anyway? If
anyone really cared, why don't they simply build
another? ... Because the "Holy/One Spirit" of the
"Holy/One Almighty God" would bear severe
public testimony/witness against corrupt/lying
Governments/Leaders, False-Churches, False-
Prophets, Islamism, Judaism, Mediums,
Necromancers and so-called Magick/Witchcraft
that "Lord JoShUaH was, is and shall ever be the
Most Holy One and Only Messiah"!) East is Light,
Yellow & Human. South is Earth, Black & Lion.
West is Water, Blue & Bull/White Shark. North is
Sky, White & Eagle. Remember, you 1st
heard/learned of these specific combinations of
Holy Mystic Correspondences only from CUP -
Note too, the colors used are "Primary" from
which all other colors can be obtained by mixture.
The way in Christian Alchemy the blue of the Sky
is the moisture/Water in the Air and yellow
Sunlight and blue Water combine in plants to form
green leaves. *Note further that White people are
from the North, Yellow people are from the East,
Black people are from the South and Island
people are from the West (from ancient times
when the continents were joined) … Are all these
just Coincidence(s) or Consequence(s)? Need we
say more?

Christian Kabalah's/Alchemy's 4 Cherubim/Elements in the 4
Seasons/Quarters of Earth's yearly Solar orbit in Astronomy.

Unknown artist's rendition of Exodus 25's "Ark of the

And Lord YeShUaH spake unto Moses, saying,"Speak
unto Aaron and unto his office, saying, In this way ye
shall bless the Kindred of Israel, saying unto them...

...So shall they put My Name upon the Kindred of Israel,
and I will bless them

- Numbers 6: 22-27

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  1. "NEFESH" = root "nafash" = bottom/ground level = to
    rest: (The "1st-Death"/Evil/Mortal Body) corresponding
    to the Realm of the Lost, the Hungry, the "Sheep" and
    the "Shepherds"; popular/worldly reason which is the
    "Knowledge of Good & Evil", Ruled by the Emotions,
    "Conscious Mind"/BINAH - Intelligence, our Alter Ego,
    the true Sleeping Self, "Fallen Soul", "Lower
    Self/Spirit" in the Temporal Universe.
  2. "RUACH" = Spirit or smoke: (The Dream/Original/Spirit
    Body) corresponding to the "Paradise" Eve & Adam
    Kadmon forfeited to Hell's Angels, Demigods, "Want-
    To-Be Gods", Immortals and the Unholy. The
    "Subconscious Mind"/KETHER - Crown, Ruled by the
    Will, the Child Ego, the Awake Self, the "Neutral/Planted
    Soul", "High Self" or "Free Spirit" in the Garden of
  3. "NESHAMAH" = root neshimah = breath: (The
    Celestial/Eternal/Soul Body) corresponding to the
    Realm of God/YHShWH, Godlings & Peace; Ruled by
    the Conscience/"Divine Logic"/"Holy Spirit",
    Faith/Loyalty/Obedience to God, the True
    Ascended/Raised Masters, the Born-Again/Risen-
    Soul/Saved-Soul, the "Perfected Ego", the truly "Free
    Soul", "Ain Sof"/"Most High Self"; acquired thru the
    "ritual adoption"/fruit of the "TREE OF LIFE"/"
    legal citizen or "Daughter/Son Prodigy" of the Holy
    GodFather's MultiUniversal Empire.
  • Lord YeShUaH, bless them, and save them;
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  • Lord YeShUaH, attend them, and bequeath them Eden/Peace/Zion.
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